Why Choose Perimeter?

Perimeter Insect Guard is the #1 military-trusted brand of garments treated with insect repellant to prevent harmful bites and irritations. Perimeter Insect Guard uses the active ingredient Permethrin, which mimics the natural extract of the chrysanthemum flower, to kill and ward off pests such as mosquitos, ticks, midges, chiggers, flies, ants and mites. Perimeter Insect Guard revolutionizes outdoor safety, leading the industry in effective, safe and long-lasting insecticide-treated garments.

  • Repels mosquitos, ticks, midges, chiggers, flies, ants and mites
  • Short-wires the nervous system of any insect that bites into the fabric
  • Is safe to wear close to the skin for long durations at a time
  • Proven longevity: lasts the US Military through 6-month deployments
  • Withstands heat, light, and moisture