Perimeter Insect Guard Garments, #1 Military-Trusted Insecticide

Hattiesburg, MS: Perimeter Insect Guard has been providing protection from insect-borne diseases and uncomfortable bites, stings and irritations to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces since 2006. This partnership between the United States Military and Perimeter Insect Guard has lasted for over 15 years and over 35 million military uniforms and continues to progress.

D.M. Fitzgerald, manager of the infantry combat equipment for the Marine Corps Systems Command, states that “The [U.S Marine Corps] continues to enjoy a strong partnership with [Perimeter Insect Guard] because of Perimeter’s effectiveness in the field of duty.”

The strong relationship built with the U.S Military is a testament to the strength and safety of Perimeter Insect Guard. Permethrin, the active ingredient embedded within the fibers of Perimeter uniforms and garments, mimics the natural extract of the chrysanthemum flower to repel and kill insects while leaving the wearer completely unharmed. Permethrin is not easily absorbed by the skin and is not affected by heat, light, or moisture; these benefits allow troops to safely wear Perimeter Insect Guard uniforms close to their skin for long durations without worry that the effectiveness will diminish with time.

Perimeter Insect Guard cross-links permethrin into the fabric of each U.S Military uniform, which cuts down on the additional expense and burden of carrying liquid insect sprays or wearing insecticide-coated garments that wears away with use. Cross-linking permethrin, similar to injecting ink into fabric, increases the durability and effectiveness of Perimeter Insect Guard, allowing the U.S Military to remain protected through six-month deployments. Permethrin is only affected by the agitation of detergents and the wash cycle, lasting through 50 washes. The burden of applying insect protection is no longer a concern for soldiers; Perimeter Insect Guard makes life a little bit easier for the troops who are busy protecting our nation.

“Your invaluable contributions to our team’s efforts have made a positive difference in support of our Marines and Sailors engaged in the Global War on Terrorism, specifically in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your product has had a direct impact on the lives of thousands of Marines and Sailors engaged in combat.”
– D.M. Fitzgerald
Program Manager, Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command