Active Ingredients

Perimeter Insect Guard uses permethrin (.52%) as its primary active ingredient. Permethrin is a synthetic chemical that mimics the extracts of the chrysanthemum flower, which is known for its insect-repelling properties. It has been widely used for many years to repel pests from crops and livestock. In the medical field, it is considered one of 100 essential medicines by the World Health Organization, as it prevents and treats scabies and lice. Permethrin is used in public mosquito control programs and in restaurants, buildings, and hospitals to prevent pests. It is not readily absorbed by the skin making it ideal for repelling insects leaving the wearer unharmed.

Layered Permethrin

Using a proprietary process, Perimeter is applied at .52% permethrin: enough to repel or negate any pests that you may encounter in the field. Because of this special layering process, the permethrin can work effectively without any fear of undue chemical exposure to the wearer’s skin. The permethrin in the treatment layer remains active and is retaining within the layer up to fifty commercial washes.

Active Up to 50 Washes

If you are looking for protection from pests for your employees or customers, chances are you are looking for a product that will last. Perimeter will last through fifty washes and through the toughest of conditions. That means for fifty washes, Perimeter will neutralize any pests that come your way up to and including mosquitoes, ticks, midges, chiggers, flies, and ants — including those that cause scabies and other insect-borne diseases.

Neurotoxin for Insects

Remember how your grandmother would plant mums around her tomatoes? That’s because the natural permethrin in chrysanthemums repelled insects. The same goes for permethrin. It acts as both a repellent and a neurotoxin, effectively short-wiring the nervous system of any insect that bites into the fabric of your Perimeter Insect Guard-treated uniform. A tick, for instance, will either repel away or will die from exposure to the permethrin. The permethrin will slowly destroy the connective synapses of the insect rendering it dead in a matter of minutes.

Effective Insect Protection

Permethrin is an extremely effective insecticide as it deals with a myriad of little no-see-‘ums that most of us are worried about the minute we get outdoors. This includes mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, flies, chiggers and many, many other pests including the small mites that cause diseases such as scabies.
Permethrin negates these pests by rendering their neurological systems inactive. Fortunately, permethrin has an extremely low absorption rate by human skin—less than 1% of permethrin applied in studies showed up in residual tissue studies. Permethrin is non-staining and has no odor. When used in clothing, permethrin effectively neutralizes pests using its neurotoxicity without harming the wearer.