Our Company


Warmkraft, Inc. opened Pine Belt Processing to handle and distribute Perimeter Insect Guard, garments and uniforms cross-linked with Permethrin insect repellant and insecticide, particularly to the U. S. Military. Since 2006, Perimeter Insect Guard has been effectively used on over 25 million military uniforms and continues to provide protection to those serving here and abroad. It has provided a reduction in insect-borne illnesses through its unique bonding process that is now available to the general public.

Perimeter Insect Guard operates under the sole purpose of supplying a safe and effective insect guard that is constantly reliable.


1979 - Permethrin 1st Registered

Permethrin, the insecticide used in Perimeter Insect Guard, is first registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S EPA).


1994 - Perimeter Started

Perimeter Insect Guard recognizes the need for safe, portable and, most importantly, effective insect repellant for garments and uniforms.


2001 - U.S. Military Joins Us

The United States Armed Forces partners with Perimeter Insect Guard to supply uniforms embedded with insecticide to the U.S. Military.


2003 - Stonewall Factory Opens

Perimeter expands operations by opening a new factory in Stonewall, Mississippi to handle its growing relationship with the U.S. Military and the demand for Perimeter Insect Guard uniforms.


2006 - Permethrin Re-Registered by EPA

Permethrin is re-registered with the U.S EPA as a safe and effective insecticide.


2014 - Perimeter Expands

Perimeter Insect Guard expands in production and distribution to offer safe and effective protection from pests to more than just the United States Military, but to public uniforms and garments, as well.